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last month, SOPHNET. and VANS brought us together with the "2016 spring summer ride" series, which has a pair of "Star Classic" as the theme to build VANS Old Skool sports shoes. This time, the two sides again for the cooperation of an additional VANS Classic Slip-On, lightweight classic, very suitable for summer wear. Indigo blue upper with SOPHNET. iconic five star elements as decorations, insoles are more brands Logo, highlighting unique identity. It is reported that the shoes will be officially landed in May 28th SOPH. stores, interested friends may wish to pay close attention to. - a penny, a great deal. - with Christmas coming soon, the streets are beginning to create a festive atmosphere, and in such a happy day, everyone is expected to receive a holiday gift. But when it comes to send gifts, send yourself, whether you are sent to parents to send their children, or to their other half, is bound to how to choose the gift of distress, and as a fashion enthusiast, choice is more diversified. Therefore, many electricity providers and websites have begun to launch some Christmas gift page, provide some choice for everyone. This period without worry in charge, we recommend that the 5? High-quality electricity supplier website, and selected some worth buying goods, believe in after reading, you can choose a satisfactory holiday gift. END. shop link END. launched a gift recommendation page during the Christmas season, with a lot of help for your choice. First of all, you can choose gifts under four different price ranges of less than $75, under $225, less than $375, and over $375. In addition, it can also be screened through categories such as bags, electroni Cheap foamposites for sale c products, shoes, accessories, and even a list of gifts specially prepared for girls. Many of them are full of thoughts, such as the Medicom Be@rbrick 20th anniversary defines the snow globe, by Vanquish, Denim shoe care & Fragment A BATHING APE; coasters, camouflage etc?, not only affordable, but also very practical and intimate, that received gifts to people have moved to not. The editor suggests: "sometimes practical gadgets are more moving.". size? ? shop link size?? the most famous British shoe shop, during the Christmas season also launched a special gift page containing species but since it is an a superb collection of beautiful things, but the main shoe shop, so our main goal, of course, or shoes. Among the many shoe models, NMD, R2, x, size, x, Dave, White, Air, Max,, Nike, and so on have just been introduced2015 shoes calendar of the may AJGIRL Mandy Chen, the son abroad, have a devil figure, angel face, sometimes playful sexy, sometimes cold, and arrogant noble, is the best portrayal of weather in May. And she was wearing the Jordan " 4 Toro; Bravo" Air; Jordan Air 6 "Infrared" and a Jordan Air 1 High OG Retro, we think the effect? Video: (click on the link to access the original view) more the latest shoes running shoes, NBA anecdotes and sports knowledge, please pay attention to the most Niubi sports equipment community [when off], microblogging search "when off, micro channel search dunkhome and extra welfare wayward send. Source: ajclub recently, the EU member states unanimously passed a regulation, decided in October 7, 2006 to China originating in the mainland and Vietnam leather shoes the anti-dumping duties extend to Macao. This means t cheap jordans hat in the future exports from Macao to the EU Member States leather shoes, will also be levied as high as 16.5% anti-dumping duties. Since the from the EU to China mainland and Vietnam shoes anti-dumping duties, export from Macao to the EU's shoes has been increased to 4 times. The European Commission believes that, in the production of leather shoes, because of limited production facilities in Macao, unless it is re exported from mainland China to Macao, it can not have such a huge growth rate. In this sense, the mainland leather shoes manufacturers suspected of circumvention of anti-dumping duties previously determined, therefore, decided to apply anti circumvention measures. circumvention, refers to a state of a commodity in the anti-dumping duty or encounter the anti-dumping investigation of the case, to continue the exports of goods to another country, producers or exporters through the use of some form or method to avoid anti-dumping tax act. An investigation of such methods or actions by an importing country is an anti circumvention. Anti circumvention is the extension and extension of anti-dumping. Once the import country finds that anti circumvention is established, anti-dumping duties will be applied to the imported products. Lining Wade's 5 purple, Dwayne · Wade 2016-17 season NBA boots, shoe with composite mesh, 3M reflective film material, with the dorsal foot binding system, in the end is equipped with V type cutting 3D carbon fiber board, Bounse+ technology, Cushion technology shock rebound, with rubber outsole. item: ABAM057-12 001IzPVqzy7atcgr7SI44& amp; 690.jpeg (333.36 KB, download number: 41) download Lining Wade 5 Purple 2017-4-22 09:59 upload air jordan 11 space jam for sale 001IzPVqzy7atepXfpKb0& amp; 690.jpeg (99.59 KB, download number: 32) download Lining Wade 5 Purple 2017-4-22 09:59 upload 001IzPVqzy7atetLrilb5& amp; 690.jpeg (92.03 KB, download number: 32) download Lining Wade 5 Purple 2017-4-22 09:59 upload 001IzPVqzy7atetR2jY86& amp; 690.jpeg (89.15 KB, download number: 33) download Lining Wade 5 Purple 2017-4-22 09:59 uploadMonday, skirt shirt half skirt and white shirt overhangs never wrong, skirt, shoes and bag or jacket along this color, you say...... Yang Mi to participate in various conference favorite dress is the shirt + umbrella skirt, hold live so easy Monday Tuesday, pantsOf course, such as lazy Yaya, prefer a suit or pants, note: Jumpsuit is a large hip rival sister. Wednesday, go dress buy a favorite summer dress, convenient and cool, if the office of the dress code (dresscode) is more formal, put down this Ayr shirt skirt, in addition, V led the wrap dress is not wrong. to brush face the task of the new workplace, wear with lace, dress well perspective element! Straight downstairs to see such a white skirt, just want to say: take my knees! (Tips: this popular stereo flower pattern oh) Thursday, the battle of the chiffon shirtWe in it, the equivalent of a small Thursday weekend, with the relaxed chiffon shirt is suitable for novice, may wish to use a solid color Chiffon floral skirt; or have strong woman Chiffon + Split skirt? Friday, T.G.I.F high Of course, businiess casual Friday (business and leisure)! Shake out jeans. You think the most personal Friday modeling is a white shirt + jeans + Shoes + hole bright Andy, with Venus as saying: perfect ~ Saturday, today's theme is dating Na, young, must jordans on sale mens go out to play on Saturday, don't stay at home. Even if the wood has to date, also want to find friends together, this rhythm is easy and pleasant, cool! dating girl who was wearing a Strapless Lace, recommend your sweet sexy clothes or other elements, Lolita people can wear a light Cougar Suihua; see come over, this good Wendy. Sunday, how comfortable how to shirt, pure T, ugly slippers, should take out. KK zipper skirt is also a good choice, the middle of the zipper can be significantly thinner -- the University asked! This week is about to return to the Air Jordan 13 Retro " Bred" on occasion all kinds of news, visible this pair of black and red color of the popularity of how unpopular, recently has appeared online the shoes the whole family size real beauties. The most classic black collocation Air Jordan series, Michael Jordan on behalf of the who played for the bulls, vamp is 3M reflective mesh design, red nubuck leather material particularly eye-catching, collocation of black leather toe will continue Air Jordan 13 "Bred" perfect and appear again. shoes will go on in the official website on August 19th, the sale price of $1399 for male models RMB, GS offer price of $999 RMB. Air Jordan Retro 13 "Bred" number: 414571-004 release date: August 19th sale price: $1399 RMB/ $999 RMB (GS) 24 hours of uninterrupted sneakers information & tide spike youAs the greatest NFL receiver Jerry. Les may not be known as the home of friends, but he is known to every family in the United States figure, the day before Nike to the hero, expressing the highest respect, to create a Air Trainer 1 "Jerry Rice color don't note", the designers choose to have him the effectiveness of th jordan 3 katrina 2018 e San Francisco 49 color rendering in the body of the shoe, the shoe has landed a Nike store on sale, priced at $120, interested friends can look down.The day before the network exposed a pair of Nike for the University of Miami baseball team to create a dedicated Nike Lunar MVP Pregame 2, the shoes will not have the overall sale is significant, but the more special is this year the university has signed a contract with Adidas to become a partner, this also indicates that the shoes will be the school's last Nike boots. Although the overall design of shoes does not have too many rosy spots, but it is in this simple appearance contains a proud heart, which is also the charm of sports created.Lebron's immortal tradition since the advent of gorgeous, LeBron & middot; James signature shoe has gone through 11 years Xilian, high performance technology and creative inspiration Zhen to perfect fusion realm. Two league championships, four MVP awards, two time gold medal winner - the shoes to subvert the innovation of science and technology development and LeBron brilliant career achievements add radiance and beauty to each other. In 2014, LeBron 11 "what the LeBron" LeBron James signature shoe history models for inspiration, draw lessons from eight kinds of products design elements and 20 kinds of patterns and colours, detonated mashup. The shoes to innovation and story elements to rely on, fusion rich creative inspiration, to create outstanding invincible design details, thereby achievements james shoes out of the ordinary extraordinary charm. From the LEBRON into the VII LEBRON V tongue details to the Akron map, 28 peak elements strong convergence. number: 650884-400price: 1599 yuan date: July 24, 2014 What "The " series from 7 years ago for the SB Dunk Low Nike, and now, it has become a phenomenon of Sneaker culture. "What the" in colloquial English although simple but all embracing but, on behalf of us of things is good or bad, beauty and ugliness of the most natural, direct response, only to be sensed, inexpressible. "What the #@*%" philosophy of subsequently immersed into the field of shoes, dunk and four letters of the word are closely linked, the interpretation of the new sports fashion. 2014, Nike basketball for the first time plans to "The What" concept through the signing of shoes to a new height. origin Nike DNA contains immortal innovation and spirit of adventure. From its inception, co-founder Phil Knight and bill Bowerman encourages employees to to have the courage to go beyond a limit, inclusive rebellious ideas. Time flies, the twinkling of an eye to 2007, Knight Nike skateboarding shoe designer James Arizumi entrusted with the responsibility of the responsible for the Nike SB "what the dunk" design. Designers on Design of this devoted countless efforts, launched a Nike in the history of the first pair of blend of classic color and fun mix style athletic shoes. It is based on pop art, the perfect creative design and crazy together. public response to this shoe is not the same, some people find it very interesting, some people are more disgusted. This special design like gene mutation dunk -- this is a 1986 was born in the field of classic basketball shoes, after reform and deductive 〉 open O2O experience shop, push private custom closet, play fan economy...... Beginning last year, the domestic clothing brands are thrown in the transformation program, and staged an imitation of the international fast fashion brand show". But as of today, Baleno, YISHION, and other brands are still experiencing Barney, performance decline, frequently closed shop, weak brand and other problems, life is not easy. love shopping people should have found that in Chengdu's major emerging industries, hard to find old clothing brand traces. On the contrary, UNIQLO, H& M, ZARA and other international fast fashion brand, has become the standard values, entrenched in significant sales port. why domestic clothing brand transition microscopic improvement industry believes that, although the domestic? For transformation of fast fashion brand has been aware of the need to operate O2O, compression supplier scale, but with the international fast fashion brand is still a big gap. are talking about O2O, but no successful mode; from last year to now, under the pressure of online and offline, the domestic fast fashion brands have begun to seek transformation. With Smith Barney as an example, the "store story" in the form of the store to strengthen the experiential services, while Giordano and Gloria also began to focus on the application of open and O2O shopping, strengthen interaction. in the global center of Chengdu Metersbonwe O2O shop experience, a door on the floor, there are significant two-dimensional code identification, the mirror of the dressing room marked "sweep, surprise, greatlyreduceyourcheckoutofgoods placed into membership publicity card scan code. Although I feel a lot of O2O elements, but the store's sales model is still not much different from the traditional clothing store. "almost all brands are talking about O2O, but they don't see a very successful model."." A well-known clothing company executives believe that the traditional brand transformation to do O2O, the channel conflict will be more intense, taking into account the interests of franchisees, if you want to do O2O, and agents will be together. Moreover, the development of O2O requires a process that requires a lot of thinking and observation. At present, most of the clothing enterprises China will remain as an important channel for the electricity supplier consumptive inventory, slowly walking on the road of O2O. CEO billion euros net Huang Pu Yuan pointed out that the traditional management of garment enterprises still have not realized the importance of the line, still do not have the Internet thinking, enterprise managers are either too dismissive of O2O, or pay too much attention, anxious, managers still did not find the direction. in the transformation of product positioning is flawed "product positioning is generally flawed." Goods transit network founder Liu Wanlan, Smith Barney)If you remember the Grant Hill shooting Sprite ads, then you may be on the Fila PE shoes have the impression. Who has not publicly sold "96 now and Overpass. The new Sprite color series production market, October 24th landing, '96 $96USD Overpass $75USD price, price. BbsImg141366462525240_620_440.jpg (35.62 KB, download number: 0) download Sprite Fila color 2014-10-19 08:00 upload BbsImg141366463299471_620_440.jpg (36.67 KB, download number: 0) download Sprite Fila color 2014-10-19 08:00 upload BbsImg141366464735529_620_537.jpg (37.89 KB, download number: 0) download Sprite Fila color 2014-10-19 08:00 upload Sprite 00