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With the new season approaching, the players will continue to receive sports manufacturers for its new personal signature shoes, Jordan's Brand Paul launched the ninth generation of Jordan CP3.9 on the first release of a spy. The first exposure of the new work by the dark green jade green mesh shoe body collocation outsole, shoe body Jumpman by silver decoration, shoe design still uses low as template, the design of the main line of light, the overall style of adhering to minimalist, and highlights without restraint and ease of style. jordan-cp3.9-china-black-green.jpg (61.05 KB, download number: 123) download Jordan CP3.9 China 2015-9-6 09:33 upload jordan-cp3.9-china-black-green-1.jpg (59 KB, download number: 106) download Jordan CP3.9 China 2015-9-6 09:33 upload jordan-cp3.9-china-black-green-2.jpg (57.67 KB, download number: 124) download Jordan CP3.9 China 2015-9-6 09:33 upload jordan-cp3.9-china-black-green-3.jpg (83 KB, download number: 126) download Jordan CP3.9 China 2015-9-6 09:33 China upload, shoes, the new season, personal signature, Twitter 00Reebok Question Mid can be said to be the most important AI in the life of a pair of shoes, the "problem" and "the answer" kicked off the 96 season of the year, is the completion of "the basketball gods" that dummied and emergency stop, "a combination of jumper ", a thing; the next is clear -- this lens continuous playback in AI's life,". We can imagine that Reebok Question Mid will once again be engraved, it should be treated as such, the special version of it is undoubtedly can have a very important role in the Sneaker sector. As mentioned before the "draft day", such as the Stash x Reebok Question Mid joint. Flow unit and Reebok as one of the close cooperation, before Stash has released a "Blue" version of the Reebok Question Mid, now listed the "Red" than "Blue" more fli Cheap air jordans for sale rtatious, perhaps because the relationship between the Red original show "sly"; gray suede shoes, red top leather and with ink effect of outsole, plus red "honeycomb" in the end, although it is a pair of more life branded shoes, but in the overall design is consistent with Allen Iverson's character, uninhibited. We are also what views on this pair of shoes? Is this Stash x Reebok Question Mid "Red" has been purchased in SNS, the price is $139. 1412998419418_720x450.jpg (20.16 KB, download number: 1) download Stash x Reebok Question Mid Red 2014-10-11 12:03 upload 1412998415748_720x450.jpg (22.65 KB, download number: 1) download Stash x Reebok Question Mid Red 2014-10-11 12:02 upload 1412998416969_720x450.jpg (26.31 KB, download number: 2) download Stash x Reebok Question Mid Red 2014-10-11 12:02 upload 1412998418813_720x450.jpg (25.09 KB, download number: 00 , the Uruguay Observer newspaper reported on December 23, 2006 that, like the clothing industry, the Uruguay footwear industry is also very unhappy with cheap Chinese products. In 2005, Uruguay imported 11 million 320 thousand pairs of shoes, of which 79% were imported from China, with an average value of $2.13 per pair. Means that Uruguay's per capita consumption of three pairs of Chinese shoes. Tornier, President of the Uruguay Footwear Industry Association (Daniel Tournier), said that Ukraine is one of the few countries with no barriers to Chinese shoes; the average price of shoes imported from China is the lowest in Latin america. Last year, China exported to Argentina, the average price of shoes was $10.49, Brazil was 5.85 US dollars, Peru was 8.55 US dollars, and Uruguay imported 8 million pairs of shoes, with an average price of only 1.87 us dollars. Protection from other countries has created such price differentials. these cheap shoes on the market in 85%, th jordans on sale mens e Uruguay National Experimental Center (LATU) a recent survey shows that these local factory operating rate was 46%. Footwear industry employs 1200 people, compared with 10 thousand in 80s. (Editor: admin)20131204130851_93251.jpg (80.76 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-4 13:51 upload 20131204130851_76081.jpg (75.48 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-4 13:51 upload 20131204130851_25031.jpg (103.22 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-4 13:52 upload 00The evaluation of in 2016 the hottest 22 pair of basketball shoes, brand involving Nike (including Air's Jordan), followed by Adidas, the past two years with the star Under Armour hot curry. 1.Nike Hyperdunk 2016 iDOrder price: 1349RMB weight: 442g (US10) Main configuration: Zoom before and after Air shock, Flyknit . is suitable for the position: 3-5 player for : the need to maintain comprehensive performance needs to be improved: the upper height can reduce the number of last recommendation: choose a half size 2.Nike Hyperdunk 2016 FK sale price: 1599RMB weight: 417g (US10) main configuration: Zoom Air, Flyknit shoe cushioning is suitable for the high position: Dafeng line players needs to keep: luxurious configuration needs to be improved: the sole thickness last advice: normal 3.adidas D Rose 7 sale price: 1499 yuan weight: 465g (US9.5) main configuration: full palm Boost cushioning technology, Primeknit GEOFIT , the collar of the shoe uppers is suitable to small forward position: Defender : the need to maintain cushioning and protective excellent needs to be improved: the weight of some larger last advice: normal length, but the upper pressure 4.adidas Crazylight Boost 2016Sale price: RMB 1199 weight: 428g (US9.5) Main configuration: fabric uppers, full palm Boost shock is suitable for the position: Defender : jordan 3 katrina 2018 the need to maintain cushioning and comfort perfect needs to be improved: the need to enhance the strength of upper last advice: normal size 5.Jordan Super.Fly 5 sale price: $150 (foreign price) weight: 394g (US9.5) Air, P〉 Zoom palm configuration: said the most classic AirJordan series, the 11 generation is certainly on the list, in addition to the general section of the series, also launched a low version and exercise shoes called Jordan11LowIE. The previous network out of AirJordan11LowIE "Navy" spy, this photographer Sneakerprophet_ Instagram shoes also discloses the real appearance of shoes. deep blue shoes plus classic ice outsole, simple design that has so many shoes on a list of how many. AirJordan11LowIE used to replace upper material to bring new ideas, like the first burst pattern, or 2015 used the snake on the element, this time from the picture that is the use of suede uppers, more casual flavor. despite a training shoe nickname, but I have MichaelJordan through the series of shoes to play the game. The AirJordan11LowIE "Navy" is not yet on sale news. Jordan /AIRJORDAN11LOWIECobalt burst low 306008-102 $1599 to buy[Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] Lin, an eye-catching performance of Asian players game, the NBA's hottest star, his commercial value is being burst out. Recently, this reporter learned that, as a sponsor, the sports brand Nike sneakers will be sold Lin theme in its official CAPE, priced at $ 130. CAPE sell Nike official Lin theme of sports shoes, priced at $ 130. Lin "boots" sales surge reporters at Nike global official website saw this as Jeremy Lin designed to help Zoom Hyperfuse Low basketball shoes. Mainly in blue red shoe laces in red, embroidered with the words at the upper "Lin" it is very conspicuous. According to reports, Lin will wear this shoe coming out this Friday at the Orl foamposites for cheap ando NBA All-Star Game, and Nike will be officially launched this shoe sales in the United States official website. Nike PR China Sun Peng told reporters that this is NikeiD series color is Nike's sneakers custom shoes, consumers can choose the color on the website. "Nike has no regard selling the shoes bulk of plan, and this shoe sold only in the United States, the country temporarily without introducing." "Even if the country did not sell, I can find a foreign friend Shopping." Fan Zhang confidently told reporters. Reporters learned that, not only are the shoes, shirts and related supplies Lin has already begun purchasing booming. In the Tencent QQ Mall, the reporter found that many shop because of Jeremy Lin's hot and opened the overseas purchasing business. Purchasing a genuine Lin shirts to more than 800 yuan. The owner told reporters that he was in New York to purchase by students direct mail, and provides local shops store receipts as proof. As of last week, QQ Mall selling Nike shoes improved 45 percent, Lin all been through the "boots" sales accounted for 5 before the sales charts, while Jeremy Lin in the game most often wear Nike ZOOM series white basketball shoes, 3 days to obtain 1,127 pairs of sales success. Nike's strategy to bring new business Inspiration Worldteam Group chairman Guo Jie in Chinese Commercial News reporters Cai Fang and Shi Biaoshi, as Jeremy Lin designed the Zoom Hyperfuse Low basketball shoes to help once the bulk sale, will bring considerable sales performance Nike. "Nike sports marketing strategy has been very eyes, a set of homemade athlete evaluation system, in the business of marketing to domestic counterparts great inspiration." All the sports brand, Nike has undoubtedly seize the opportunities of this battle. Sources said that Nike has been successful as the old club contract with Lin, and de cheap air jordans online signed specifically for Jeremy Lin signature shoe. In this regard, head of marketing Nike China Li Si responded that currently the United States and Nike did not renew the news, because in August 2010 with Jeremy Lin signed for three years, the current contract has not expired. In addition, other companies are fighting for is not weakness. Olympic sports, says Peak still maintain communication with Lin's team, never give up catch Jeremy Lin, as long as he did and Nike contract, Pick would have a chance. According to "Forbes" magazine estimates that the market value of individual Jeremy Lin has soared to about $ 14 million. A member of China's brokerage team of Jeremy Lin in an interview said he hoped future cooperation brands are international brands, the industry leader, the brand image to the sun, healthy. He also said that Nike is the only co-Lin brand, a prior engagement, both sides have an exclusive agreement, the cooperation between the two sides during the period and can no longer cooperate with other sporting goods brands. It seems at this stage, other companies also difficult to share great commercial value brought by Lin. ?? Links "I'm Tornado" swept the world worth double 1988 Jeremy Lin was born, and its experience can be described as a typical Hollywood-style "little success story." After graduating from famous universities of Harvard University, with the Golden State Warriors signed in 2011 formally joined the NBA, his teammates often go home the evening rub sleep sofa "nobodies" in the Golden State Warriors, Houston Rockets and the team not be reused, but the new owner in the New York Knicks a famous battle. Then seven battle undefeated, buzzer lore and other near-mythical track performance quickly whipped "Lin whirlwind" in the world, the major sports brands also smell the opportunities brought about Jeremy Lin effect. Lin's broker Montgomery has said publicly: "All over the world are excited for Jeremy Lin, now there are a lot of business through telephone inquiries cooperation, not only US companies, as well as Chinese companies." (Chinese shoes Network - The most authoritative and most professional shoe News) in March 11, 1912, Sun Zhongshan made the Ministry of the interior to pass the anti footbinding, to yesterday (11) day has been a full 95 years. 11, Jianchuan museum's "three inch Jinlian Museum officially began previews, China around the feet of Mr Fan Jianchuan 20 years of women's shoes collection of more than 5000 pairs, let visitors to feast their eyes. The design of the National Museum of the one and only, with pink style based, similar to the boudoir, the most expensive feet amounted to six thousand or seven thousand yuan a pair of shoes. "we have a total of more than 5000 pairs of shoes, and the shortest shoes are only 9 centimeters, just three inches long."." The construction of Sichuan Museum deputy director He Xinyong said, the current museum curator Mr. Fan Jianchuan for embroidery shoes for more than 20 years of income, colorful, different styles of shoes, these shoes are handmade, more than 5000 pairs of shoes, each pair is unique." "The cost of collecting shoes costs at least millions of dollars," He Xinyong said." He said pointing to one of two, this pair of shoe is the Ming Dynasty, the silk embroidered shoes for ladies, look realistic, lucidity. according to the introduction, "three inch Jinlian Museum covers an area of about 1000 square meters, is a folk museum group series one, designed by Wu Lei Chengdu Institute of architectural design, the entire hall like a side embroidered shoes, museum with a red rope with external shape. Bound meaning to women's foot binding. (Editor: admin)size-x-nike-army-navy-pack-1.jpg (100.93 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-25 14:29 upload size-x-nike-army-navy-pack-2.jpg (94.68 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-25 14:30 upload size-x-nike-army-navy-pack-3.jpg (76.98 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-25 14:30 upload size-x-nike-army-navy-pack-4.jpg (89.07 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-25 14:30 upload size-x-nike-army-navy-pack-5.jpg (122.33 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-25 14:31 upload size-x-nike-army-navy-pack-6.jpg (95.15 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-25 0by brands and many trends icon drive, began running up trend, while the number of running equipment which is most important to the number of shoes, a pair of good shoes can not only let you walk fast, can become a bright spot on the runway. This will be launched next year's Nike Air Max+ was used in order to lighten the Hyperfuse material to build, greatly reducing the burden on the shoes, the air cushion system while adding Air Max 360 running shoes, to provide the best comfort and support. The new Nike.0.jpg (177.25 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-12-4 upload at 14:26 as the top of a group of people of all sports shoes, Nike signature athletes are deeply to represent the Nike brand, and have exclusive signature shoes and proud. Through close cooperation, Nike designers have tailored a range of shoes that can accurately meet the athletes' physical needs and the requirements of their respective sports events. Therefore, integration, innovation and inspiration are of the essence. tribute wrestling 1.jpg (58.67 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-12-4 upload at 14:26 in addition to wrestling, Nike is also working with baseball, basketball, football, golf, running, soccer and tennis project of elite athletes. As the young company continues to grow, its signature shoe squad is growing, but it's a long process. Until 1982, in the tenth year of its founding, Nike still launched a signature shoe for Wayne Wells.Star Wars (Star Wars) this impressive science fiction film, recently has begun preparations for the seventh Star Wars (Star Wars), the well-known skateboard brand vans high-end extension Vans Vault chase momentum launched 2014 joint cooperation series of spring and summer. The design of the Slip-On, Sk8-Hi and Era and other classic shoes modeled into the All Terrain Armored Transport Imperial walker pirate style Darth Storm printing and so on, this series will be on May 4th in the designated retail sale, interested friends may wish to pay attention to the follow-up reports PKPOP! by Kuraishi Yi Shu director is responsible for the design of the CASH CA, is to replace the blood, always exudes a unique temperament of kuraishi. And since his appointment, CASH CA joint project is never interrupted, the most noteworthy among them, and the British traditional hand boots, veteran Tricker's cooperation. The number of a quarter down, because the voice of CASH CA have been continuously, and Tricker's joint is still long do often, to the autumn and winter of 2012 the two quarter once again teamed up again with Brogues as the theme of the Brogues style is relatively special, the Wing Tips Boot Tricker's abandoned the traditional leather outsole, used for this is the trend of designers of cork thick, and in another Toe Cap Derby Boot, the shoe barrel position also joined the Patchwork design, but also in the production of traditional Tricker's in fairly uncommon practice. New quarter cooperation boots will also be on shelves in October this year, to start with friends still need to wait patiently for some time. source: highsnobiety