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next year will be a 4 year round of the Olympic year, and this year, although it is the AJ7 of the lunar new year, but Brand Jordan still will this and its component of the Jordan Air 7 'Olympic' decision in the next year to bring back. In 1992, Michael & middot; wear Jordan Olympic version of the air jordan 7 in Barcelona in 1992 Olympic Games, the much anticipated the Barcelona Olympic Games will witness the American basketball movement towards a historic leap in the international arena. And is expected next year autumn Jordan brand will be re engraved this classic boots, but tone may be a slight change, at present no real and exact commercially available information. For more details, we will continue to pay attention to. Jordan Air 7'Tinker Alternate'Retrocolor: Gold Coin-Deep Royal Blue-Fire White/Metallic Red-Lite Iron Orenumber: 304775-123hair price: $190source: solecollector"from Taiwan, a pedestrian, along the highway in British Columbia, Canada, for multiple mountainbikes shrine. Step Shanglin Road, the car ride, to experience these changes mountainbikes historical sites, looking for truly belongs to mountainbikes spirit. if the Christian life must go to a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, that for all the mountain bike riders, Whistler is the pilgrimage to the Holy land. Whistler will become the world's first choice destination, because there is the world's largest Whistler mountain bike park. Winter was originally a ski resort of Whistler Mountain, summer since not operating, and BC, promising a large number of mountain bike knight, so in 1998, Whistler Mountain Bike Park officially opened. Here and in 2004 held the first session of the Crankworx mountain bike race. This was unique "free ride" events, has a dee jordan 3 katrina 2018 p influence on the development of future mountaineering sports car, but also determine the status of "Whistler" in the movement of the mountain bike. Today the Whistler Mountain Bike Park, after years of evolution, from the green, the blue line, black and double black to red line, with more than 60 kinds of road grade, with a total length of more than 250 km. Whether you are a beginner or technical occupation is the world cup driver, so that you can find a fun route here. came to Whistler, not ready to stay three, five days or more, then you will feel regret. After a long flight, arrived at the hotel at the foot of the accommodation of the aava is already late at night, Hill dense could not see anything, but nowhere did not see "Whistler" words and counter roadmap for free, or provoke excitement of the nerves. Walked into the room, greeted by a familiar scene, which is not two years ago "arrival" the film in Whistler this funny opening, drivers drunk room? (related video plot, please see: the mountain vehicle big movie these production tidbits Episode 5 ") although the driver technology is better than in the film, but live with them in the same room, I feel tomorrow on the road speed seems to be a little faster. The original side is each game dedicated to the reception of professional drivers and the media Hotel, on the mountain bike riders are very friendly, equipped with a bicycle parking garage, there is even a special person for you "Park" bike. Chuphoto:copyright:Ianearly morning hills white, not bad a heard this a few months the British Columbia drought in trouble, has been a long time did not rain, but when we arrived at, even the sky began to rain. Looking at the local people happy to talk about the rain, Cheap jordans online we can not help but ask God, can not wait another two days? We should qualify for the British Columbia government awarded the appreciation of it, because we have a rain here. Whistler high latitude, so the summer is relatively short, large temperature difference between day and night. In August up to 30 degrees, but at night may be reduced to fifteen degrees. Date opened every year also changes with the seasons and, roughly in May in the park, until the end of September will be the beginning of gradually reduced part of the open time. 〉New York footwear brand Common Projects, excellent design process has always been to minimalism and Italy hand made known before again for you to bring the new Achilles Three Strap Leather shoe. As the name suggests, this shoe is based on the classic Achilles Low shoes, and will replace the traditional laces, instead it is three leather Velcro fastener belt, this design was reminiscent of the other side of the Stan Smith, the last in the shoe is still behind lateral digital encoding Common Projects signature bronzing embellishment type. At present, the shoes can be pre ordered through Luisaviaroma, and will be officially shipped in March next year, priced at $450 U.S. dollars, and black / white two different colors to choose from, like you may wish to pay more attention to slightly. we often see excellent foreign custom shoes on the Internet, but in fact, some of our custom made products are also excellent. For example, we have introduced Ziv, a shoe trainer from Hongkong, China, who often sees his new job on Instagram Po as a desire to get started. After the earlier dual color zipper boot design, Ziv this time again brought two pairs of Nike, Air, VaporMax customized works jordans on sale mens . On the basis of the original, one put on a black and white color zipper, stockings add adjustable beam rope unit makes the overall more sense of urban function. The other pair is based on the gray Air VaporMax. The highlight is the 3M coating on the vamp zipper and heel lift ring, which is very dazzling in the spotlight. it is understood that, in addition to its own Ziv creation, but also to provide customized services to guests. Interested in reading these works, you can learn more through his color has always been Jordan's favorite color, but the red color is used by Adidas Originals, and named "Bordeaux". shoes are modeled on Adidas EQT, Running, Guidance , and '93' and are decorated with explosive crackle patterns in the details. Adidas will love idiotic powder? has already exposed two SuperHero series Nike Zoom Hyperflight, and now the series four double effect diagram complete exposure. The name "SuperHero" does not refer to the comic book superhero, but refers to the team of super heroes, the four Zoom double Nike Hyperflight representing respectively is Nike value four: LeBron James, Kobe Bryant spokesman, Kevin Durant and Blake Griffin. LeBron James version of "the Milky Way" as the design theme, a symbol of the "indestructible" trait; Kobe Bryant version to the black mamba as the theme in the form of X ray, prominent smart ferocious features; Kevin Durant version of the most direct, the lightning did not obscure the performance in vamp; the Griffin version is Blake relatively abstract, although only just back to Nike, but "Super Flight" is his advantage very well. The four Nike Zoom Hyperflight will be available for sale in the summer of 2013 and will sell at $13 Cheap air jordans for sale 0USD. 2012-10-11 13:24 upload and download attachments (63.01 KB) 2012-10-11 upload and download attachments at 13:24 (58.15, KB) adidas Originals EQT Guidance in 2014 still smarting gorgeous return, it will once again return to the 2015 autumn and winter, it can be described as highly anticipated. Equipment in the series as a "popular champion" shoes, new shoes EQT Guidance loyal 1990s shoes to shoot light blue, hundred, classic black colors and writing. Shoes iconic sheathed tongue, toe shoes mesh finishes and throughout the "three-line & quot; (3 Stripes) brand identity will 90s unforgettable timeless design classic lips open. Neighborhood x adidas Originals 2015 spring and summer shoes Screenings 2015-02-18 11:51:35 and close adidas Originals Neighborhood, continue to work on stage in the spring and summer. The joint shoes contain adidas Campus 80s, adidas Boston Super OG, ZX 500 and many other classic shoes, and excels in Neighborhood National Wind processed the details there are a lot of surprises, but the overall shape is very low key, I believe The spring will be selected rare sportsman the street. & nbsp; Nike Hyperdunk 2014 new color release 2014-11-27 11:29:43 NBA is in full swing, and every time we bring shoes which reported the highest exposure certainly comes this pair of Nike Hyperdunk 2014, along with its good combat performance is verified, also received the majority of real home favorite. Nike recently re-create a pair of shoes for the latest color, overwhelmed by the choice of designer black and purple color rendering whole body of the shoe, but most of the design was undoubtedly the highlight of each half black and purple, it did not take away each other's undoubtedly styl Retro jordans for sale e. It is reported that the shoes will be available for sale this Nike shoes as the Kings PE shoes Mody, number 653640-005. & nbsp; Nike SB Team Edition "Deep Royal Blue" new tour map 2013-12-08 22:50:22 Recently, skateboarders network exposure this highly sought after shoes, this new Nike SB Team Edition "Deep Royal Blue" appears on the network, the full use of the royal blue Nike SB Team Edition, shoes to suede material-based, with embroidered Swoosh. This mix quite British style, like friends can look at.0.jpg (227.28 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2016-8-15 upload at 14:49 1.jpg (93.45 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2016-8-15 upload at 14:49 2.jpg (156.32 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2016-8-15 upload at 14:49 3.jpg (104.3 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2016-8-15 upload at 14:49 4.jpg (95.5 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2016-8-15 upload at 14:49 5.jpg (145.95 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2016-8-15 upload at 14:49 6.jpg (182.89 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2016-8-15 upload at 14:49Nike X SLY - Terminator Premium QS published in 1985 the first two Terminator Nike is designed for the Georgetown University basketball team, the classic blue and grey Georgetown reserved, symbolizing the badge as a bulldog defensive style! The Terminator design uses the full leather, followed by the unique initials "NIKE" words, changes of different materials and the combination of the color of the classic appearance, by many Japanese collectors, become the most dynamic Street trendsetter shoes. SLY unique charm One of the 〈br sly="" is="" very="" popular="" in="" japan="" women's="" brand,="" designer="" tateda="" mizuki="" (tateda="" construct:="" with)="" originally="" for="" the="" of="" moussy,="" joined="" by="" moussy="" independent="" with="" sweet="" spicy="" wild="" style,="" favored="" young="" japanese="" favorite,="" including="" japan's="" days="" namie="" amuro="" and="" other="" artists="" are="" love="" who!="" ueda="" (tateda:="" paint="" will="" be="" applied="" to="" construct="" system="" law)="" their="" traditional="" handmade="" jeans="" design,="" let="" production="" therefore="" female="" fashion="" magazine="" called="" "queen="" denim".="" now="" has="" more="" than="" 18="" stores="" japan,="" shibuya="" 109="" most="" famous="" department="" store,="" counter="" women="" visit="" store!="" nike="" terminator="" premium="" qs="" strong="" once="" again="" lead="" street="" topic! 01.jpg (74.12 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2009-8-18 20:04 upload 02.jpg (79.76 KB, download number: 0) to download the attachment; save 〉Time: 2008-05-28 10:16, source: mop net Author: mop net Click: Vietnam north city - Haiphong city Sao Vang shoe factory close to 1200 workers, strike in May 20th. The workers say the company has failed to meet their demands for higher wages, and inflation has led to higher costs. This year, Vietnam suffered a wave of strikes, and in April, consumer prices in Vietnam rose 21% year on year. The workers suspended their wages Monday, , , and nearly 1200 workers in the Sao Vang shoe factory in the northern city of Vietnam Haiphong, which went on strike in May 20th. The workers say the company has failed to meet their demands for higher wages, and inflation has led to higher costs. This year, Vietnam suffered a wave of strikes, and in April, consumer prices in Vietnam rose 21% year on year. The workers suspended their pay on Monday and asked management to raise their salaries. Most of the strike workers, however, returned to work in second days. At present, Vietnam's per capita wage of $50 (800 thousand Vietnam shield), management plans to raise wages to $75, but workers demand higher wages. In addition, Vietnam's monthly wages have now been 38% higher than the monthly minimum wage for workers in Vietnam owned companies. Sao Vang specializes in footwear, and most of the company's products are exported to Europe and asia. (Editor: admin). the Russian government issued an order for the elimination of export tariffs on leather products (formerly 10%) and import duties on leather raw materials. This shows that the government is determined to support its leather industry. At present, the Russian leather industry is in a difficult situation in the market downturn, profits decline, some leather factories need to rely on export products to make a living. The government issued orders to cancel tariff development of domestic leather industry is undoubtedly the yeoman service. there are more than 70 factories in the former Soviet Union, which can fully guarantee the raw material demand of the shoe industry in china. The disintegration of the Soviet Union after entering the market economy, Russia's domestic footwear industry shrinking, and leather enterprises are also facing serious difficulties, some companies only to the European export , old fur tanning semi-finished products to maintain. According to the Russian Yaroslavl leather factory Nieli? Muyakunuowa memories, at the beginning of the 90s export profits of up to 400% half product factory. after 1995, the Russian leather industry encountered new challenges. The decline in profits of semi-finished exports was mainly due to rising raw material prices and a 3 fold increase in raw furs prices. In addition, electricity and processed leather chemicals are also on the rise. Leather market enterprises once again reduced. Now Russia's real leather production enterprises is only 25, which is used for shoes, accessories and leather furniture and for the production of shoes, leather shoes and hard labor protection shoes production enterprises 95%. The Russian leather industry leader for Ryazan leather factory, Yaroslavl leather factory, leather factory, Lipetsk M Las Cazaux Wo leather factory and Aosta skof leather factory. The Ryazan leather factory output is the highest, accounting for nearly 1/3 of Russian chrome tanned leather production, about five hundred million square decimeter. Liang Yan leather factory company has a stable sales guarantee, and export-oriented, and its products are 70% for export, while other enterprises export volume between 30% ~ 60%. Ryazan general manager Alexander leather factory? Andelunaji Jef pointed out that the Russian leather enterprises to provide for the shoe-making enterprises is the best leather, but these advanced leather accounted for only 20% of total output. The production of this kind of leather is difficult to grow due to the lack of good raw materials. Some shoe companies have switched to imports of such quality leather, while foreign leather firms offer many favorable conditions, such as extension