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: this newspaper recently, many people in Dongguan exhibition industry to reflect this newspaper, the exhibition was notified by the public security organs orally canceled. Reporters confirmed from a number of channels, before the end of the Olympic Games, all commercial exhibitions in Dongguan were stopped by the public security departments. Dongguan Public Security Bureau said that in order to ensure the social security before the end of the Olympic Games, it will suspend approval of large-scale commercial activities. it is reported that, at the Dongguan International Conference and Exhibition Center and the Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center, many exhibitions have encountered the same situation. Even the Municipal Corporation was originally scheduled to be held in early May huangqishan youth activities, also by the public security authorities to halt. reporter from the Dongguan Convention and Exhibition Industry Association, the relevant exhibition halls and exhibition companies and other channels confirmed that they have recently been called by the local public security departments, verbally informed that the cessation of all commercial exhibitions. Some people told reporters that the exhibition sponsored by the government could continue, but this exhibition accounted for a small proportion of the exhibition activities in Dongguan. the public security department said that the Olympic Games were the most important event of the whole nation. The public security departments in Dongguan should ensure social security before the end of the Olympic Games, so they will suspend approval of large-scale commercial activities. The Dongguan Municipal Public Security Bureau hopes that commercial organizations will learn the news as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary losses. According to the introduction of , activities of large masses of business organizations, enterprises and institutions to hold the expected attendance of more than 1000 people under 5000 people, by the activities of the local public security organs at the county level people's government safety licensing; expected attendance of more than 5000 people, by the activities of the local district public security organs of the people's Government of a city or municipality directly under the central government the people's Government of the city public security organs in the implementation of safety licensing; provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the large-scale mass activities, by the public security department under the State Council safety licensing. 28 last month, the Dongguan Municipal Public Security Bureau will notice issued to the Public Security Bureau: one is to prohibit the approval the commercial nature of large-scale activities; second is to government activities organized by the strict examination and approval; the third is the strict management for small activity does not require 300 approval by the public security departments of the following; the fourth is to arbitrarily hold large mass activities without the approval of the public security department found a thorough investigation of a ban. The Security Department of the Public Security Bureau of Dongguan City, said, according to the October 1, 2007 implementation of the "safety management regulations" large-scale mass activities, the activities of large masses of the public security organs safety permit by the public security organs shall be banned, contractors who at 100 thousand yuan to 300 thousand yuan fine. (Editor: admin) in Italy Foreign Trade Committee of the intellectual property department fake list, there is a people for having heard it many times brand. In 80s, Leonardo and crocodiles, and other famous brands selling dandy. But according to Italy to verify, in Italy there is no such a brand, the "background of Italy" and a long history, is made up. LAORENTOU borrow foreign identity to seize the consumer vanity to grab the market, is a kind of invisible fraud, consumers can ask for compensation. Where "LAORENTOU" come from? Reporter survey found that there are more than 10 "LAORENTOU" in the domestic market, from different parts of Italy, France and Britain etc.. LAORENTOU claimed that "long history" Beijing Wangfujing department store on the site, the LEONADO Leonardo Leonardo, is one of the most famous brands in Italy and Europe leather clothing industry, were registered in Europe and the United States, cheap air jordans Japan, Chinese etc.. Products include clothing, shoes, leather bags, etc., is a well-known European company. Its trademark was based on the head of Da Vinci on the stamps of Italy. In 1985, by the Hongkong Huayuan LAORENTOU Chinese market introduction. in Leonardo shoes Beijing department store counters, sales staff told reporters that Leonardo, this brand is "imported from Italy", but in the China registered brand, origin of Guangdong, Italy and japan. When the reporter mentioned the netizen said bought the brand shoes for a few days on the occurrence of cracking of the toe, sales staff explained that, on the market "false LAORENTOU quality is not high...... The real LAORENTOU imports, our home (counter) is made in Italy is less (more)". Reporters in the counter to see a few men's leather shoes, the price is more than two thousand yuan. According to the website of the Wangfujing department store brand introduction, "Leonardo" by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce in the national key protected trademark list in 2000. in Italy LAORENTOU unknown However, in the 30 "pseudo Italy famous" list of Italy Foreign Trade Commission previously announced, a company called Italy LAORENTOU International Development (Group) Company limited. The company's website for their own use of the "LAORENTOU" brand and its background and the Italy LAORENTOU is very similar. Italy Foreign Trade Committee on Intellectual Property Department of Beijing people are responsible for the bridge studio Hoopoe told reporters, in fact, the "LAORENTOU" brand in Italy is unknown, "Italy LAORENTOU International Development Group" does not exist in Italy and Hongkong, "Larento" or "Laorentou" as a trademark or company names are not registered in Italy. he said, "the" use of its trademark in the portrait of Da Vinci, and there is no fabrication enterprises in Italy, it is to deceive consumers Italy well-known brands, and more)Jordan Brand recently released a series of reservation will be listed this winter engraved shoes, because next year is Air Jordan VIII published the expiration of the 23rd anniversary anniversary, as Michael Jordan during the first three straight by one of the boots for Jordan Brand, especially at the end of this year will first arrange three pairs of Air Jordan VIII debut, is to do warm up for the eight generation of a series of celebration activities. In addition, there are Air Jordan 1, Air, Jordan, VII and long time no see Air, Jordan, XIV, Low, will follow the Jordan Brand Remastered products for re manufactured products, authentic reproduction of the classic figure. Air Jordan VIII 'AQUA' 1993 participate in the all star game in Salt Lake City when Michael Jordan is the first version of the stage, face black and blue purple shoes in the bottom of the combination of full of mystery, has always been very popular shoes fans loved classic color. After a lapse of eight years to re - engraved, according to the official said, Air Jordan VIII 'AQUA' uppers material will be closer to the original texture. 305381-025_A4_Pair_square_600305381-025_A4_Pair_square_600 305381-025_D1_Tongue_square_600305381-025_D1_Tongue_square_600 305381-025_D1_Midsole_square_600305381-025_D1_Midsole_square_600 Air, Jordan, VIII, Black, And, Chrome 2003 debut, Air Jordan VIII is the first non original color matching, very representative, with a black vamp with gray silver details, to create a chrome like metal luster. 305381-003_A4_Pair_square_600305381-003_A4_Pair_square_600 305381-003_D2_Twenty3_square_600305381-003_D2_Twenty3_square_600 305381-003_D1_Back3q_square_600305381-003_D1_Back3q_square_600 Air Jo〉 even though twenty years have passed quietly, as the dream three team member Penny Hardaway outstanding performance in the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games in the hearts of the fans in the never disappeared, then accompanied him to the international arena in the four Air Zoom Flight's 96 "Olympic" version will also be engraved on the attitude to meet with you. The shoe body overall appearance design to the original set mostly, but few details of the use of color, the shoe body Swoosh Logo material, and so on with the original set insole still has difference, but fortunately the symbol Penny national team number 6 words or embroidery is reserved, but I think this whole double soul element one of the most important shoes. The U. S. region is scheduled for sale in August 20th, model 884491-103: Taiwan has no relevant sales information yet. source: EU KICKS recently invited to participate in the activities of small series of Nike to conquer all the day, whether it is the conquest of NIKE all-weather HYPERWARM, SHIELD series of goods will experience or watch activities / NIKE conquer the whole record of all-weather - Mount Lala highland training, can see Nike wants to let users in various weather conditions can have a comfortable sports experience to do to begin as the focus of the promotion of shoes Shield series from last year, with more models with color for everyone to choose this year, through the 3M and DWR reflective waterproof coating and part of the wind tear cloth, to help runners to resist the dark and cold, rainy days can provide comprehensive protection. 's new "Bright Crimson" color for all runners in all winter depression huddled to obtain dynamic equipment, Taiwan in Figure four is the double main color series only has to open the 29 generation of Air Pegasus, or Lunarfly+ Shield 3 is in fact more parity (activity watch / NIKE conquest all-weather training record high - Mount Lala is a real player in part of the double shoes) in Taiwan will have the color, you can choose to do in accordance with the requirements. Nike Shield Pack than the previous exposure J Wall 2, the same as the year of the monkey to commemorate the color of the D Lillard 2 to be more low-key, with a black theme as a special collocation totem, flexible use of color embroidered shoe body details, touch made shoes without losing the protagonist monkey monkey king Sun Wukong style. Adidas D Lillard 2 "Year of the Monkey" Taiwan area is scheduled for January 12th listing, pricing NT$3690. source: adidasNike store recently moves frequently, last weekend in Beijing Chinese opened China's largest Nike Jordan basketball experience store, this is located in Zhongguancun ecmall shops in the shopping centre covers an area of about 6550 square feet, selling Nike and Jordan Brand series of basketball shoes and apparel, equipment and other products, in addition to all kinds of commodity rich, the store also compared with Nike Soho and Nike Miami specifications, the introduction of Nike+ experience service facilities, compared to the past we just went to the store to try on size do not fit together, the brand with the digital technology provides consumers visiting exclusive space further feel shoes performance; there are also NIKEiD and customized. Here's a photo of the new store through the official photos from Nike. shoe makers prospecting future if the opportunity to visit this shop, the shoe wall is absolutely not to be missed on both Nike and Jordan, Brand has always been a classic through 3D printing technology is reduced again, you may wish to count yourself through what double? Nike+ basketball experience zone, according to the size of the half court basketball court, through the instructions on the screen and on-site personnel guide, will be able to do here, such as shooting and other specific items to feel shoes performance. The left wall printed with "ground" is a unique Beijing basketball is the language (meaning is probably Taiwan 1 team), a simple word tells the common memories Beijing basketball fans. site provides ordering NIKEiD products, but also through customized design and text to make their own T-Shirt. ecmall Nike Jordan basketball experience store address: source: Nike earlier with Nike BHM in 2017: Jordan Brand series of shoes, the theme style synchronized debut, launched Air Jordan 1 male models, children each year, comprehensive training shoes and engraved version of the Jordan Trunner regression in column, the whole series of black and white and gold tone throughout, the core concept behind BHM series features like harmony and equality, solidarity, the United States listed in Taiwan scheduled for February 11th, at present no news release. but I don't know if there's any doubt about it. Why didn't we provide basketball shoes for the players this year? Although the official did not specify, but in the month Martin Ruud King anniversary, Jordan Brand made a series of black 'MLK Day' player version has with the BHM logo, so that should not appear like Nike Basketball are 'MLK Day' and 'BHM' the introduction of different versions of the practice. source: Nike championship is in full swing, although Curry's performance is not the most prominent, but the warriors still won 2 consecutive advantage, and then will go to Cleveland for two road games. When it comes to Curry shoes, the layout should be up to 2.5 Curry, but don't ignore the presence of Curry 2 Oh, will soon be listed abroad to Batman inspired "BLACK KNIGHT", if the color shoe makers have the impression of prospecting color appeared in the last year of Curry One Championship Pack, in addition to color one of the characteristics of the inside of the tongue, the unique cloth standard is everyone looking forward to, Xiaobian listed at this point in time, whether or not the brand Curry is to some extent also implies that the championship aspirations determination? (laughs) will be listed abroad in June 11th, priced at $130. source: sneakernews says this pair of specially designed shoes can be mentioned first? Matthew Walzer, Matthew Walzer once wrote? In a few months ago? Nike CEO Mark Parker said he caused a lot of inconvenience because of cerebral palsy life, want to have a pair of shoes can not easily wear shoes, but also quickly responded to Nike he made a pair of specially designed? Hyperdunk, and unique design for Matthew? Walzer put it on just a few seconds, recently Nike to help him two different color design? Nike LeBron X?, as a special design? Hyperdunk Special Edition Nike LeBron X? The shoelace into parts the zipper design and add to the ankle straps allow users to easily wear, although it is a special version but also changed a milepost sneaker design and a loving initiative. custom essay source: nicekickszp8497586rq?is simple and not simple. It can be described as Nike, Air, Max, 1, FB. brings a whole new Wolf Grey/Liquid Lime, perfect interpretation of this point. in the gray tones of the shoe body collocation rosy pink fluorescent and lemon green, then into the iconic palm Max, make shoes both engaging and durable. this section is now on sale, like a dear, do not miss the opportunity. El Cappy based on the recently customized big Samurai created a samurai style Air Jordan IV custom new shoes, with the classic "white / color Air Jordan IV cement" as the main line, to create a Zen like calm, in the bottom and black shoe buckle decorate traditional Japanese samurai colorful patterns, at the same time with a heel also Samurai mask design, fully meet the theme characteristics of shoes. Jordan Brand also launched Year of with NIKE the Horse Collection horse Note Series, don't step, this double design for Carmelo Anthony Jordan Melo M10 "Year of the Horse" a side note which don't let people suction eye. In the Jordan Melo M10 "Year of the Horse" the horse does not note in full for the Dynamic Fit to create a black leather uppers and lining with pattern finish Chinese ink painting color sense, followed by the original piece of chrome stable layer style shows in order to gradually change to black extinction of design features, the left foot tongue respectively. " Ma " word embroidery and embroidered trapeze signs, at the same time also has Chinese under the transparent ice ink painting decorative design, in addition to the Jordan Brand to create a more China flavor with special color ink painting box, is absolutely one of the classic new shoes fans will be the collection of. This double Jordan Melo M10 "Year of the Horse" the horse does not note will be officially launched in the near future, your shoes fans please wait and see. in celebration of the famous trend in Holland, Woei shop ASICS shop for fifth years of commemorative cooperation, this time they chose the Sneaker circle of retro running shoes leader. While the two sides of this cooperation also selected the high status of the ASICs family Gel Lyte III shoes, think that year as the first application of gel hi-tech Gel Lyte III running shoes, has won the "best shoes" award, today the shoes on the kind of sense of future technology never fade, it is let it get the new fashion shoes. And this cooperation also added to the popular outdoor elements, making the athletic shoes become tough. This joint running shoes will be available for sale globally in July 7th. Source: in the Coachella Music Festival in the first week of activities held during, after the end of the performance the next day, in the venue from 30 minutes drive to the airport staged another large Carnival Party activities neon carnival, in addition to the head Yong Yong DJ pool outside, and ferris wheel, touch touch the car and other large-scale recreational facilities, Party thering is no lack of Taylor Swift, Leonardo DiCaprio, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Jared Leto, the Weeknd and Alexander Wang stars gathered. In addition, during the Coachella Levi 's Airstream defined Tailor Store also flow onto the carnival, continues from Levi' s designer and tailor for everyone to reconstruct the traditional cowboy single product.Jordan Brand will be officially released this weekend this week, Air Jordan 6 Low Infrared, refreshing and pleasant appearance design, the classic color is bound to turn off panic buying frenzy. Grab officially on sale in the official on the eve of us in bringing a group of foot shot for everyone, interested friends may wish to feel something. item: 304401-123 release date: July 4thPrice: air-jordan-6-low-infrard-23-4th-of-july-3.jpg (213.21 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 6 Low Infrared foot shot 2015-7-1 09:40 upload air-jordan-6-low-infrard-23-4th-of-july-2.jpg (195.19 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 6 Low Infrared foot shot 2015-7-1 09:40 upload air-jordan-6-low-infrard-23-4th-of-july.jpg (160.79 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 6 Low Infrared foot shot 2015-7-1 09:40 upload air-jordan-6-low-infrard-23-4th-of-july-1.jpg (140.3 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 6 Low Infrared foot shot 2015-7-1 09:40 upload Air Jordan Future gains great success, let Jordan Brand more firmly on the field of fashion, while another Air Jordan Horizon is of concern. The use of lightweight breathable mesh material composed of a shoe body, also equipped with Air Jordan 13 signs of the outsole, and deep blue vamp is Poxian style. air-jordan-horizon-woven-navy-01.jpg (290.27 KB, download number: 5) download Air Jordan Horizon new color design 2016-5-4 13:51 upload air-jordan-horizon-woven-navy-04.jpg (236.51 KB, download number: 9) download Air Jordan Horizon new color design 2016-5-4 13:51 upload air-jordan-horizon-woven-navy-05.jpg (263.35 KB, download number: 5) download Air Jordan Horizon new color design 2016-5-4 13:51 upload air-jordan-horizon-woven-navy-02.jpg (244.38 KB, download number: 8) download Air Jordan Horizon new color design 2016-5-4 13:51 upload air-jordan-horizon-woven-navy-03.jpg (227.28 KB, download number: 4) download Air Jordan Horizon new color design 2016-5-4 13:51 upload air-jordan-horizon-woven-navy-06.jpg (175.34 KB, download number: 4) download Air Jordan Horizon 0The famous sports brand Nike's running Running extension Nike days before the spring and summer of this year, to create a series of Zoom Air shoes. Which contains a total of four shoes, Air, Zoom, Pegasus 31, Air Zoom Structure 18, Air Zoom Elite 7 and Air Zoom Streak 5, designed to be cool and full of black and gray, fluorescent green show. 0.jpg (525.41 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-5-31 upload at 17:31 1.jpg (66.78 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-5-31 upload at 17:31 2.jpg (56.8 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-5-31 upload at 17:31Nike Air Zoom 3.jpg (58.71 KB, download times: 1) download attachment save to album 2014-5-31 upload at 17:31Nike Air Zoom 20100608180442.jpg (85.69 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-6-8 19:09 upload 2010 this pair of mysterious amount limit shoes immediately caused a topic. This double to Testing The Waters art fair and charity shoes have many unique details in the body of the shoe side and lining with gray lines in Safari chic, shoelaces, outsole and heel a North Carolina blue ornament, with the Undertow Memorial label on the tongue side, in addition to the shoe leather on the next band with Undertow words, Undertow words are the other in the back end. This pair of insoles and shoe Undertow x Air Jordan 2010 only limit amount of this special production only a pair. To be in the Testing The Waters art charity auction, although you may be missed with this fantastic bipolar eye jade shoes, but the appreciation of the beautiful figure. 20100608180335_0_.jpg (91.39 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-6-8 19:09 upload 20100608180335_1_.jpg (80.88 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-6-8 upload 19:09 20100608180335_2_.jpg (65.03 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-6-8 19:09 upload